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BLOG written in white on black computer keys. 3d illustration. Isolated background.I have committed to write one article or blog post a week and post it on Sunday or Monday. That commitment had me thinking about titles and topics that people will find interesting. I mean, what good is it to write an article if no one is reading it. My lesson about identifying the ideal topic came the week before last. You may remember, I wrote “Transformation vs. Change.” I did not expect that post to generate any interest. In fact, I assumed people wouldn’t find it interesting at all. But it was something I wanted to write. So, I wrote it. And to my surprise, it has been one of my most popular articles I have written. It generated comments not only on the blog, but on a couple of LinkedIn groups.

So, the lesson…

Write about what makes you happy. Blog about what interests you. Forget about what you think people what to read. Just blog about what you want to write. Unless your target audience is nothing like you, if you write about what interests you, it will probably be the same thing that interests your readers.

Because of this, I started thinking: What are topics that interest me and how can they relate to my articles about Achieve in 5!?

Then I quickly made a list of the things I like to talk or write about, my list included:

• Transformation
• Change
• How Achieve in 5! works for different projects
• How Achieve in 5! works for in various situations (taking the first step, overcoming procrastination, etc)
• How Achieve in 5! can work for specific types of people (busy people, people with ADD and people with big dreams)
• Time Management
• My cat (Mason) and my dog (CB)
• Inspirational stories of achievement
• Travel and mini-adventures
• Movies I’ve seen and loved
• Movies I’ve seen and hated
• Life as an insomniac
• Health (sometimes)
• My latest projects

With this list in hand (or online) I can always generate a quick article. When I am stuck and can’t think of a topic to write about, all I need to do is pull out the list and pick one.

Some people carry a notebook and jot down ideas as they come to them. I carry 3X5 cards. I can stick them in my purse or even a pocket. I can jot down ideas and either write a little or a lot and once I have the idea crafted into a blog post or on my computer, I can discard them. No clutter! (Oh yeah, getting rid of clutter is another topic I could add.)

If you are writing a blog, I encourage you to make a list of the things you like to talk or write about, then adapt your writing to fit your primary topic. In my case, that is Achieve in 5! and consistent with the Achieve in 5! theme, if you are posting an article a week, write five minutes a day and you will have a perfect blog post by the end of the week.

Happy writing.

Do you blog? And if so, what tips do you have about creating great content readers will love? Please share your comments in the space below.

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