Your Archetype Results

You read the description of the six Achievement Archetypes. Which Archetype best describes you?
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If you relate most to:

TYPE 1: You most closely match the Sleeper archetype, you are probably feeling stuck. You have dreams and know it is time to act on them. As a Sleeper, you will benefit most from Achieve in 5! by taking five minutes now to write your favorite idea then follow the Achieve in 5! process and start moving.

TYPE 2: You most resemble the Preparer archetype. You want to have everything set before getting started. You buy all the equipment they need to get started. You sign all the preliminary paperwork. You have every material thing you could possibly need to get started towards their goal. The problem with the Preparer is, by the time you have all of the tools you need, sometimes you lose the drive to go for the gold. Once you realize that you are in a holding pattern when they get stuck in the preparation stage, you can begin to take small actions even while you prepare.

TYPE 3: You are a Sprinter. The problem you may face is that it is hard for you to go the distance. You don’t have the stamina to keep running the long race. It takes more than two, three or even six months to achieve most big things. If you are a Sprinter, you have probably started a lot of projects, but you don’t take them to the finish line. You must decide which project you want to complete. Start working on that project. When you run out of steam, take a break for a week. After your week break, start working only five minutes a day every day. You’ll find that this is a good pattern for your archetype.

TYPE 4: You are an Analyzer, spending your time researching how to do everything. You want to know the whole process before you start. You seek advice from anyone who will give it and may go off on wild goose chases trying to account for every detail and every scenario. Analyzers are similar to Preparers in that they are really afraid to make the big move.
By researching they think they are avoiding the possibility of failure. In truth, they are avoiding the possibility of success, because they never start. You need to take the plunge.

TYPE 5: You are most likely a Jogger. In many ways, the Jogger is the ideal state. You are consistent and you follow through. However, some Joggers feel like they are on a treadmill. Although you love the activity, do you secretly wish it was taking you somewhere? Maybe you want to turn your hobby into your livelihood so that you can live your dream. By working five minutes a day to move your hobby to the next level, you can realize your dream.

TYPE 6: You are a Marathoner. To the outside world you are enviable. You are successful and possibly a bit of a workaholic. However, you may be so focused on one area of their life that you miss out on the other areas. For you to be totally fulfilled, it is important to live a well-balanced life. Are there parts of your life that you have neglected to keep on top of your run? You will benefit from slowing your pace in the area you consider the marathon, and chart a course for the other areas of their life.

Knowing your Archetype is useful as you work to create the life you want. There is more on the Achievement Archetypes in Achieve in 5!
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