What’s your Achievement Archetype?

What is your Achievement Archetype?

Select the type that best describes you. If you relate to more than one type, try to pick the one that BEST describes your actions.

TYPE 1: Do you have great ideas and great plans but just never seem to make them happen? Do you spend hours daydreaming about what you will do? Do you think your family and friends are tired of hearing you talk about your latest idea? Do you know it is time to act on your dreams but you can’t bring yourself to do it?

TYPE 2: Before launching a project do you feel more comfortable if you have all of the supplies you need in front of you? Do you usually make a trip to the store or at least the office supply catalog to get all of the notebooks, equipment, pens, and other supplies before you start? If you are launching a business do you start with business cards, stationery, and the necessary equipment before taking any major action? You would not want to be caught off guard and look unprepared or unprofessional?

TYPE 3: Do you get a flurry of energy around a goal and stay up nights working on your latest project? Can you accomplish an amazing amount in a very short period of time, but eventually lose energy and enthusiasm if you don’t get quick results? Even if you do get quick results you may lose enthusiasm and be happy to transfer your project to someone else.

TYPE 4: Before starting a project do you want to make sure you are going to be successful. You want to as much as you can about the possible outcomes and how to proceed at phase of it? Do you spend hours, days, and months gathering information, buying books, getting all of your ducks in a row before launching the project?

TYPE 5: Do you start a project with a slow steady pace and generally continue at that pace? Could you keep working on something forever? Do you sometimes find yourself working on something just for the sheer pleasure of it and you don’t care where it is going or if there is an end? Do you love the feeling that comes with just doing and activity for the sake of the activity itself?

TYPE 6: Are you self-motivated and will keep running as fast as you can with direction and purpose until you cross the finish line? Are you deliberate in your actions, and still power down or relax before your next big run. Are you known for being on task and on track you’re your goals. Do you have a clear vision of where they want to go and are you on a steady path to get there?

Which Archetype best describes you?

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What’s your Achievement Archetype? — 2 Comments

  1. i would have to say that i have for most of this life been a combination of #1 & 3, with 1 predominating, punctuated by bursts of 3… However, by evidence of the fact that i live on a tropic island (one major goal/dream) and am paid to play music as well as having a song on the radio in the US & Europe for 10 years running (another major goal)- as well as another very personal issue that i willed and projected, without doubt, into being (a HUGE goal)- most would say that i was already more than successful & living my dreams… NOT EVEN CLOSE!!! Although to those around me i would seem to have it all, i was just sitting around & dreaming of my bigger goals & dreams, valid extensions from my current place- and then came Lesa’a book; i had read so many other motivational books, only to never follow through (definite #1 & 3 hallmarks- lol)- but Lesa’s book is the only one that has truly helped me to focus & self-motivate EVERY day on each of my 6 very tangible and doable and achievable goals… and i find that the 5 minute commitment to each goal, each day, is not only feasible- but i look forward to each, and without fail, find myself extending 5 minutes into 30 minutes, sometimes an hour and more… my friends and neighbors have seen the difference already; i can FEEL the difference- even my dreams at night have changed- instead of just running around in incomplete unfulifilled circles, i find myself taking control of my dreams during sleep time in the same way i am taking control in my waking hours… i wouldn’t say that i couldn’t have done this without Lesa’s book- but it was extremely unlikely that i would have even made this progress had i not read her book!!! TRUST ME!!! TRUST YOURSELF!!! TRUST THE PROCESS in the BOOK!!! ITS EASY!!! and it DOES WORK!!! as long as YOU do the work!!!
    thank you, Lesa Hammond!!!

    -jenifer divine

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