Achieve in 5! Romance Tip — 4 Comments

  1. It is possible to take any process and break it down into action steps. Many of these steps can be accomplished in five minutes or less. By realizing small achievements and ensuring their completion, no task is too large. Many people believe that they do not have the time to do the things they want because they are too busy. Achieve in 5! offers network marketing business owners a new perspective on output that can be duplicated downline.

  2. Susan and I made a conscious decision before we got married that we would do whatever it would take to keep our friendship alive and the fires of romance burning. We made several specific promises to one another related to our commitment of working on our marriage and working through whatever challenges we would face in the future. Most of our commitments relate to everyday habits and small things we do for each other on a consistent basis. Our commitment still stands strong today as our journey continues. It has included a lot of learning and hard work. But the security and intimacy that has saturated our marriage is worth every bit of effort and sacrifice made by each of us.

  3. With four children between us ranging in age from eighteen to four months and with us often working opposite shifts, it is often hard just to catch up with one another, let alone make time for romance or to nourish our relationship. However, we have discovered five things that work for us to help keep our relationship strong and to keep the romance alive.

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